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Writer's Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Immersion Travel Magazine. There are thousands of destinations and activities yet to be discovered and we are excited to see what you have to bring to the table. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with our magazine’s personality and content (so as not to duplicate previous material) before submitting a query.

Who are Our Readers?

Immersion Travel’s readers are active and inquisitive citizens of the world. They are college educated individuals between the ages of 25 and 60 with moderate to high incomes. They are travelers, not tourists, who aren’t interested in chlorinated pools and fully-stocked bars. They are seeking memorable experiences that are meaningful and enriching. They want to connect with locals, explore protected habitats in a safe and educational way, help preserve communities, restore natural landscapes, and have fun while doing it. Some readers will be new to traveling and will want to know everything there is about sustainable travel options while others will be familiar with eco-travel and will expect thorough accounts of destinations. Other readers will be content with daydreaming about locations instead of planning itineraries and will want to be able to picture each destination in vivid detail.

We don’t leave anything out. If there are thousands of mosquitos, long lines, bouts of food poisoning, and giant spiders, we say so; all with the mindset that “perfect” travel experiences are few and far between, but the rewards of traveling are always worth the annoyances.

Our Style

Immersion Travel’s content is focused on sustainable travel; however, the word “ecotourism” is rarely mentioned in the magazine. This is because the term “ecotourism” has become a popular phrase used to describe things that aren’t culturally sensitive, economically stable or environmentally conscious. Each destination we feature follows the basic principles of Sustainable Tourism defined by Megan Epler Wood: “Sustainable tourism creates a better place for people to live, work and visit by providing long-term economic benefits to local people, protecting the environment and biodiversity, and preserving the cultural heritage, traditional values and character of destinations worldwide.” Using a checklist from our Sustainable Tourism Guidelines, our team thoroughly investigates promising travel operations to make sure they are doing everything they say they are. We ask that you, as a contributor, do everything you can to verify that your featured destination is ethical and headed in a sustainable direction. Feel free to use our Sustainable Tourism Guidelines Checklist when investigating destinations and tour companies. Each issue focuses on one region (Southern Ghana, Western Mongolia, Eastern Colombia, San Francisco and the Bay Area, etc.) covering several ventures, tours, lodges, and activities available in that region. Each issue will also have smaller sections that may feature activities and businesses outside of the main region (Road trips, self-sustaining lodges, upcoming cultural celebrations, local organic restaurants, etc.) Immersion Travel has a strict policy against accepting compensations and gifts from businesses (please see our ethics code. Please travel anonymously and experience each destination as though you are one of our readers.

Our Voice

Immersion Travel’s voice and personality mirrors that of an avid traveler who is interested in learning as much as possible about the world. We not only have to be a tour guide for our readers, someone who knows the terrain and local people like the inside of his or her backpack, but we also have to be responsible visitors, who are inquisitive, humble, and always ready for an adventure. We strive to create content that is fun, engaging, accurate, transparent, and personable. Within the first paragraph, readers should be willing to follow us through the unfamiliar depths of an exotic location; by the end of the article, they should be excited to go on another trip with us.


Features: 1,000 to 5,000 words (longer stories are considered). Features cover the best destinations and tours in a specific region as well as investigative pieces about the area. These are often accompanied by short videos and several photographs. While most features published in the magazine are written by our staff writers, we welcome freelance pieces as well. Many freelance articles are featured on Immersion Travel’s website.
Short features: 500 to 1,500 words. Short features focus on other great destinations, tours and investigative stories but aren’t as prominent as the larger feature pieces. Photographs should accompany these stories.
Profiles: 200 to 2,500 words. Some profiles will be added as sidebars to larger stories. Interviews with business owners, travelers, prominent people in the local communities, and conservation specialists are just a few examples of the kinds of individuals highlighted. Larger profiles of famous people, places, or items that are making positive differences in the travel world are also part of this department. Photographs and/or video should accompany these stories.