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View from the Corner Office

Since so much has been happening behind the scenes lately, Clare and I have decided to give our readers a glimpse into what happens from day-to-day at Immersion Travel Magazine HQ. First up is the office. We operate out of our apartment in Ontario, CA, where we have a corner desk dedicated to all thing Immersion Travel. It is populated by an iMac, a couple of iPads, a calendar, a printer, a random assortment of memory cards, a miniature elliptical, and the all-important to-do board. 

Some people have his-and-hers towels or closets, we have his-and-hers to-do boards. Well, we have one board divided in half. It may sound funny, but this little dry erase board is the life blood of Immersion. Without it we would be hopelessly lost. It outlines our business chores, what daily topics need to be posted and any research or planning that needs to be taken care of. It also has potential story ideas and motivational material that gets us through the frustrating bits. Most important, it helps us switch gears between jobs. You may know me as Chris Scotti, the Creative Director and Photographer for Immersion Travel Magazine, but during the day I'm simply Chris, the marketing and IT guy for South Coast Fire Equipment. Clare also has an alter ego, the Inland Empire's premiere English tutor. Together we cover the rent for Immersion's “office” space and all the little costs that come with life and running a business.

The first person who gets the video game reference on the board gets a free Immersion Travel water bottle sticker!

Bland, yes. FUNctional, nope. Please send your ideas.

Seeing as we spend so much time in this little corner space, we've decided to invest a little time and energy into decorating and organizing it. If you, or anyone you know, has brilliant ideas on designing home offices (especially in tight spaces) please let us know. Feel free to share ideas on Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook. I will be writing these updates on a regular basis, so if you have any questions about what happens behind the scenes or anything you would like us to talk about, send an email to: We look forward to hearing from you. Some other quick updates:

  • We should be an official LLC early next year (2014).
  • The first trial issue will be made in January and will be released soon after.
  • The Pimm's cup experiment was a disaster of epic proportions and we've decided it will be a secret kept by the Agate Alley barkeeps.


December 18, 2013

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