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An Update on Immersion Travel Magazine


First, we want to say how grateful we are to have you as readers, and we sincerely hope that you have enjoyed our content over the past few years. It has been an exciting five years since Chris and I came up with the idea for a digital magazine that featured sustainable and responsible travel destinations, and we have enjoyed every minute of the journey. The magazine industry is the hardest industry to be successful in, and we knew from the beginning how challenging it was going to be. Since we launched our current website in 2014, we were met with the challenge of finding a way to fund the magazine without relying on subscriptions. However, we found ourselves in a chicken vs. egg situation: in order to create great content, we needed subscribers; but in order to bring in subscribers, we needed great content.

As time went on, we published amazing articles by outstanding and passionate travel writers and we grew our audience. Eventually we came up with an idea to host an online event showcasing sustainable travel at its best and show how travelers can help communities and the environment when they travel. This event would give viewers an idea of the kind of content we feature and would build interest in our platform. The Sustainable Travel Summit, which took place June 1-4, 2017, was a platform for more than 40 travel experts from around the world to share their knowledge with the public. (Sessions are still available to watch for free and can be found here.) Unfortunately, we weren't able to get the viewers we needed to spread the word about what we were all about, and the event fizzled.  

Our final attempt to build interest was with a Kickstarter campaign. We reached out to our readers, our partners, our writers, friends, family, and anyone else we could think of and we asked them to become members. Alas, even though many came through for us, we weren't able to reach our goal.

So, here we are. While we would love to continue our work creating issues and funding ethical travel writing, life demands that we put this full time work aside and focus on more monetarily beneficial endeavors. For now, Chris and I are turning Immersion Travel into a donation-only blog, where writers can donate their stories and we will happily share them with readers. We are decommissioning the company and taking down our Industry Partner Program, as well as our Country Information Database and other membership perks. Our three trial issuesand the content from the Sustainable Travel Summit will remain on our website for readers to enjoy. We will also send out occasional newsletters with current articles and updates. 

Perhaps we will be able to pick up where we left off with Immersion Travel Magazine in the future, but until then, we hope you enjoy the blog. Thank you for your support.

Until next time,

Clare Hancock & Christopher Scotti

July 5, 2017

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