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Trick or Treat, Travel Scouts

Caption: Here is a snippet of this month's illustration created by Casey Blackman. The whimsical full version will be featured in the next Travel Scout newsletter.

Last month, our second newsletter sailed into inboxes all over the world and we were thrilled by how many people enjoyed learning about apiaries and bee-friendly travel destinations. October ushers in the first real days of Fall across the Northern Hemisphere when the trees begin to hibernate, the air starts to crisp and stomachs flutter with the excitement of upcoming holidays. Our October Travel Scout will not only feature delicious Autumn destinations, but also places that live up to the All Hallows Eve reputation. From Sleepy Hollow shenanigans to zombie overrun obstacle courses to goose bump ridden ghost tours, we have a plethora of destinations that are both spine tingling and sustainable. Sign up for our Travel Scout newsletter for ITM updates, giveaways, event info, and more.

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September 29, 2015

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