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A Royal Stay in Rajasthan

Created by Ellie Cleary of Soul Travel Blog

It doesn’t get much closer to fairy tales than Sathin Garh, the ancestral home of the illustrious Bhati clan. Located 70 km outside of Jodhpur in Rajasthan, Sathin was once part of the desert kingdom of Marwar (presided over by the royal family of Jodhpur). At over 350 years old, the well preserved Sathin Garh takes visitors to a time long forgotten; a time when the fort managed its own judiciary system and jailhouse (long before it was turned into a guest accommodation).

Decedents from the Bhati clan, Thakur Govind Singh ji and his wife Thakurani Man Kanwar are currently the Jagirdars (owners) of Sathin Garh. It is managed as a home stay and bed and breakfast by their son Kunwar Chandrashekhar Sathin and his wife Kunwarani Bhimeshwari Singh. With Kunwar and Kunwarani paying close attention to detail and taking meticulous care of their ancestral home, the Garh has become an ideal shooting location for Bollywood films and weddings.

When guests drive up to the impressive walled Garh, they must turn through the staggered, imposing entrance gates before they enjoy a first glimpse of the inside of the fort. The Garh houses a number of buildings guests are free to explore, including courtyard gardens, 25 horse and camel stables, a granary and a beautiful “Zenana” (Womens’ Palace). Guests can stay in a number of different rooms throughout the residential parts of the fort, the most stunning of all being the suite that occupies the main room of the Zenana. It’s in this room that guests have the opportunity to experience what life was like for women in the eighteenth century, gazing down through latticed screens, watching life take place in the Garh gardens below. The Zenana suite features a four poster bed, a large marble bathroom and original artwork depicting scenes of feudal life.

When it comes to culinary delights, guests can enjoy fresh, home cooked Indian cuisine and cooking demonstrations (on special request). A special twist that sets the Sathin Garh apart from other destinations is that guests can experience recipes and dishes exactly as they were served 350 years ago.

Nearby to Sathin Garh (6km) is the town of Pipar, which is home to several fine bazaars. Pipar offers an opportunity to see traditional Indian cloth printing and glimpse local Rajasthani town life in a place where few foreigners set foot. Safaris of Sathin and the neighbouring Bishnoi villages are also available. These provide a chance to see some of Rajasthan’s most traditional villages and cultures, and view wildlife nearby, which—depending on the season—includes a wide variety of birds and antelope.

A visit to Sathin Garh is a precious opportunity to get off the beaten track in Rajasthan, indulge in royal treatment and experience some of the area’s traditions, hospitality and history at their finest.

March 10, 2017

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