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Post Production Is On

After eight days of traversing the hills and investigating the towns of Central Arizona, we have returned home victorious with enough content to fill several magazine issues. Good thing for our readers, we are planning on packing all of Central Arizona’s deliciousness into one tantilizing issue. From discovering five star organic restaurants in tiny towns, to running from hurricane thunderstorms and forked lightning, to sleeping in hundred-year-old haunted hotels, to driving across breathtaking red rock landscapes, our production trip gave us a true taste of what Arizona has to offer. While there were a few experiences we wouldn’t recommend, most of our discoveries are bound to inspire readers to plan their own Arizona itineraries before the year it out.

Caption: Prickly pear mojitos, Spanish style sangria and live jazz music. It doesn't get much better than this in Prescott. El Gato Azul restaurant.

Caption: Apparently, it does get better. Tapas at El Gato Azul. 

We will be releasing snippets of our trip throughout the next few weeks as we piece together our second issue (scheduled to be released September 1st). Stay tuned to find out why Central Arizona has everything a person could want in a getaway.

July 8, 2014
Chris takes a few minutes to get our third team member set up, the GoPro. We stuck the GoPro to several different vantage points on the Jeep and it captured every dusty red rock detail throughout our drive.

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