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The Pepper Kingdom

Relax, cook, learn, and experience what life is like in Kerala, India

Located on the slopes of the Maniyanthadam Hills in Kerala, India, Haritha Farm guarantees its visitors a relaxing, fun, educational, and meaningful experience. Haritha was established in 1962 as a rubber tree and coconut plantation. In 1990, sustainable farming strategies were implemented and the plantation quickly became an organic and biologically diverse spice garden. By utilizing bio-waste and developing techniques to grow produce in an economically and environmentally viable manner, Haritha has adopted the traditional farming method called “The Thodi,” which has been used in Kerala for generations.

In 1995, Haritha opened its doors to the public and eventually built a series of guest houses called The Pimenta or “The Pepper Kingdom.” According to their website, “it is a place where you can genuinely experience the culture, cuisine and life of the Kerala Midlands using the principles of sustainable as well as responsible tourism.”

As a pioneer of the eco-agrotourism movement in Southern India, Haritha Farm has not only inspired other farmers and business owners to follow suite, but it has encouraged travelers from around the world to try something new. At The Pimenta, guests learn how to cook vegetarian meals from traditional Kerala recipes and locally grown produce such as pineapple, yam, banana, coconut, and myriad spices. Organic coffee is grown on the premises and visitors are free to make their own coffee, tea, and fresh lime soda at their convenience. Other activities include hiking with a local guide, swimming with elephants, helping on the farm, experiencing temple festivals, picnicking next to waterfalls, and learning about the sustainable methods used to grow produce.

After reading about Haritha Farm’s Pepper Kingdom and the amazing people that have made it what it is, it's impossible to think of a reason not to visit and investigate further. The Pimenta is definitely on our list of places to check out as soon as possible.

January 7, 2014

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