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Our 12 Trips of Christmas

While we have a strong passion for traveling the globe and experiencing different holidays and festivals, we have to admit that Christmas is our favorite. We did a little research and found out that the Christmas spirit is alive and well in most of the world. Here are 12 different kinds of Christmas celebrations that take place across the globe that we can’t wait to experience ourselves. When we share different customs and traditions with each other, we realize how incredible our world is. Enjoy and have a delightful holiday!

1. The World’s Oldest Christmas Market 

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The first destination on our list of 12 incredible holiday trips is Dresden, Germany, where visitors will find themselves lost in over a mile of traditional Christmas splendor. This future feature of ours promises to take visitors back in time to experience the magic of Christmas as it once was.

2. The Longest Christmas

The second destination on our list is found in the archipelago, where Christmas is the biggest and longest holiday. Starting in September and lasting until the third week of January, Christmas in the Philippines is one long joyful celebration.

3. Carollers and Cassava

The third trip among our top 12 that revolve around Christmas includes three countries from the western regions of Africa. While these destinations are incredibly diverse, they all have several things in common: Tinsel and Christmas colors can be seen from every corner, carollers can be heard from miles away, dances and masquerades are a big deal, and Christmas dinner is delicious.

4. A Kiwi Christmas

The next destination is New Zealand, where snowmen are made of sand, Christmas dinner is roasted on the barbeque and Santa Claus’ sleigh is guided by a kiwi bird.

5. Noche de Rabanos

If you're looking for a truly unique Christmas experience, head to Oaxaca, Mexico for Noche de Rábanos or Night of the Radishes, where you'll find humble vegetables that have been transformed into stunning works of holiday art.

6. Fairs for Foodies

Get your taste buds ready for the delicious destination of Budapest, where honey cookies are always hot and fresh, sausages are dripping with flavor, fry bread is crisping in clay ovens, and chestnuts are roasting on an open fire.

7. A Little Extra Green

Even though we are big proponents of staying away from high traffic touristy areas when traveling, there are a few popular places that are worth braving the crowds for. Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland in London seems like it could be one of those places, especially with its sustainability protocol.

8. Gifts in Goa

India may be a strange place to highlight as one of our 12 Christmas destinations, but even though the vast majority of the population doesn’t follow Christianity, most people enjoy taking part in Christmas cheer.

9. Christmas in Kamarata

While many travelers may be roller skating through Caracas to attend Church on Christmas morning, you could be ensconced in the jungle surrounded by tepuis enjoying authentic traditional celebratory dishes in Kamarata, Venezuela.

10. A Little Lore

Christmas in Iceland is bursting with ancient lore and traditions as it is one of the first places that married old winter solstice festivals with Christian celebrations and from that marriage came a magical holiday full of joy and mystery.

11. Italy’s Winter Wonderlands

Italy is a prime place to visit in the winter if you are looking for a little snow. From low transportation and lodging costs to an astonishing lack of tourists, Italy may even be considered to be more enjoyable during the winter months.

12. Home for the Holidays

For our last trip: If you are enjoying Christmas at home this year and haven’t been able to experience the holiday as a traveler in a distant land, try bringing other customs and global traditions into your home with a new recipe.

November 28, 2016

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