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HI USA's Sustainable Travel Scavenger Hunt for All

HI USA has just released the Traveler’s Scavenger Hunt, a free, app-based game that can be played anywhere in the world!  As part of its efforts to support 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, 5 games will roll out through the rest of the year, with each game inspired by one of the UNWTO’s Tips For a Responsible Travellers.

Each game will last 4 weeks and will have unique prizes. The first game runs from May15 through June 12, and features overnight stays in HI USA locations, membership to the organization and swag as prizes for the top scorers. Missions are designed to support the planet and the local community, while also being a fun activity for hostellers or friends at home. 

Examples of missions from the first game, which is themed Honor Your Hosts and Our Common Heritage, include:

Back In My Day

Find someone who can tell you what the city or town you're in was like 20+ years ago. Write down something interesting they told you.

History 101

Locate a historical monument. Have someone take a video of you re-enacting a moment in history with this monument.

Dance Off

Take a video of you and a friend (or stranger) performing a traditional or contemporary dance representative of the location you're in.

Common Ground

Start chatting with a stranger until you find something you have in common. Write down what it is and how long it took you to discover it.

To play, you just need to download the “Goose Chase” app and search for “Pack Your Impact.”  For complete rules and instructions, visit

May 16, 2017

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