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Finland's Lake Houses

No, we aren’t talking about giant houses standing majestic and immovable on the shores of Finland’s lakes. We are talking about a new company we discovered called Houseboat that rents out comfortable floating apartments in Finland. Wood floors, hot showers, saunas, sun bathing roofs, barbecues, fireplaces, full kitchens, coffee machines, warm beds, access to lakes that don’t freeze over and winter wonderland views all around, can you think of a better way to spend a winter vacation? While the houseboats are mostly rented in the summer, more and more people have found them to be delightful in the winter as well. This year, the boats were moved to Kapeenkoski, where a natural rapid keeps the water from freezing. The lake offers great fishing and access to cross country skiing.


Caption: needless to say, this photo was not taken in the winter. As Houseboat is still young, they do not have winter images available to show, but it doesn't take much to imagine how this setting would look covered in snow.

Sustainability is also important to Houseboat as the company is working to acquire a Green Key certificate. Each fuel efficient boat has solar panels and septic tanks and recycling is made easy on board. Future plans include installing burning toilets and filtration systems for lake water usage.

As the only company in Finland to rent floating abodes, Houseboat has filled a niche that will quickly become popular. The best part about renting these houseboats is that you don’t need a special license or training to drive them. Houseboat will give you all the information and training you need before you venture out. If you do happen to get yourself in a pickle, they will be there to help.

Houseboat was created for individuals and small groups that are looking to spend an undefined amount of time in Finland. As the boats can be steered anywhere within the lakes, travelers can wake up to a new view each morning and explore different areas at their leisure. “This is a totally new way to discover Finland,” said Krista Karhunen, Houseboat’s Development Director. “We are always telling people that we are a country with thousands of lakes, but they find it hard to believe. So the feeling and the view is totally different when you explore Finland from the lake than the road.”

Photos courtesy of Houseboat Finland.

February 7, 2017

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