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Christmas on Mackinac Island

Horse-drawn carriages, snow, sweet treats, arts and crafts, warm company, and a fully decorated tree in town square. That’s what you can expect to find on Mackinac Island, Michigan during the Christmas season. Known for its ban on motorized vehicles (except for emergency vehicles and the occasional snow mobile), Mackinac Island has held its traditions of being quiet, festive and welcoming. After the annual Christmas tree lighting that takes place in early December, the town gears up for holiday festivities.

According to town members and visitors, a craft fair featuring hundreds of treasures made by local artisans takes place. Hand-painted ornaments, fresh fudge, and much more wait on tables to be purchased and enjoyed by fellow neighbors and travelers. Even good old Saint Nick pays a visit to the fair.

What could be more romantic than taking a sleigh ride across Mackinac’s frozen landscape, huddled under blankets, sipping hot chocolate and listening to the jingling bells that hang from the sleigh? Or singing around a giant evergreen covered in twinkling lights? Or chatting with the local candy maker in front of a raging fire? Fond memories made in Mackinac are guaranteed to last, that’s why we have added the little island to our list of places to investigate and feature in upcoming issues. 

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Photos courtesy of: Mackinac Island Winters Facebook page.

December 23, 2013

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