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From Boston to Burlington and Back

We are on the fifth day of our production trip for our third trial issue featuring Boston and Burlington, VT. These days have been filled to the brim with exciting activities, stories, interviews, delicious food, and intriguing history. Our feet are sore, our backs are worse, our brains are having trouble keeping up, but we haven’t taken a single moment for granted. We have found a variety of sustainable businesses that have provided top-notch products and we think you're going to love them all.

Burlington was everything we hoped it would be and more. Chocolate sculpting demonstrations, art festivals, delicious food made from local ingredients, epic bike rides over Lake Champlain, creaky historic houses, and much more. We found an incredible array of businesses and activities in Burlington in only three days and we can’t wait to share our adventures in our next issue. While Burlington was a refreshing start to our trip, our work was just beginning as we had yet to tackle Boston.

With a little research and a lot of walking (there is now a hole in the heel of my shoe), we were able to dig beneath Boston’s tourist-saturated exterior and find several activities that brought us closer to the people and fresh air. From sailing around Boston Harbor in a wind-powered tall ship to tasting treats made from sustainable ingredients at South End to walking the many beautiful trails on Spectacle Island and watching young couples fly kites on the slopes, Boston has proved to be our kind of destination.

While our itinerary was focused on covering certain tours and carefully researched activities, we had a handful of personal goals we wanted to achieve in Boston as well. One was to devour a lobster roll from Belle Isle Seafood, a cafe in Winthrop that claims to have the best lobster rolls in the area. Another was to find the perfect Boston Cream Pie, preferably from a local bakery that does not charge an arm and a leg for a piece of cake. And another was to use as little petroleum-powered transportation as possible.

Our first goal was successfully accomplished this afternoon and while the lobster roll was delicious and fresh, we weren’t convinced that it was worth $26. Boston Cream Pie doesn’t appear to be as popular as everyone outside of Boston makes it out to be. Parker’s is the only place we have found that sells it and we didn’t find its plastic packaging in the bakery too appetizing. We tried a few other bakeries and Yelp-sites that mentioned the dessert, but none of them have sold it for quite some time (according to the servers we talked to). Not to worry though, there is an abundance of other sweet treats around every corner. The third goal on our list has certainly been accomplished as we have been able to quickly and easily traverse the city on foot and by metro. One little bus ride from the airport to the subway station was all that was needed to get into the city.

We have one more exciting day ahead at the New England Aquarium and then we will be headed home. Keep an eye on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds as we post pictures and behind-the-scenes footage as often as possible. It has been a challenging, exhausting and rewarding trip and we can’t wait to share it with you soon.


September 11, 2014
Filming busy bees at the Intervale farming center in Burlington, VT. The Intervale provides 350 acres of land for organic farmers to strut their their stuff.

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