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Arizona, Are You Ready for Us?

(Caption: Overlooking the Grand Canyon National Park in 2011. A thunder storm was about to move through.)

Cowboys, creative cuisine, a ghost mining town turned artist haven, open air trains, desert brews, breathtaking night skies, red rocks, and if we are lucky, electrifying thunderstorms. That’s what is waiting for us in Central Arizona during this next week and what will be gracing the digital pages of our next trial issue. In the span of eight days we will be taste-testing 22 restaurants, driving across nearly 250 miles of high desert (conservatively), hiking five trails, researching dozens of Native American heritage sites, taking nine tours, interviewing 10 owners of small local businesses, and delighting in the natural and cultural wonders of Prescott, Jerome, Sedona, Cottonwood, and Arcosanti. All for the joy of discovering and sharing Central Arizona’s sustainable destinations.

With the exception of three destinations that were heavily researched and interviewed beforehand, every destination will be reviewed incognito (by keeping our affiliation with Immersion Travel Magazine on the down-low, our experiences will be aligned with the average visitor).

The days ahead of us are going to require energy, stamina and the ability to function at optimal levels without adequate sleep, but something tells us that sleep will be the last thing on our minds. The weeks of research (not to mention decades of experience provided by trusted locals) that have already gone into planning our itinerary have yielded an promising and exciting results. From behind the scenes footage at animal sanctuaries to ancient indigenous ruins hidden in the sides of mountains to action-packed children’s museums to enigmatic desert wine tours, our next trial issue is going to be one that can’t be missed.

So keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for behind-the-scenes updates and juicy details about our adventure through Central Arizona.


Clare Hancock and Chris Scotti     

June 25, 2014

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