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The 12 Trips of Christmas: A Little Extra Green

Even though we are big proponents of staying away from high traffic touristy areas when traveling, there are a few popular places that are worth braving the crowds for. Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland in London seems like it could be one of those places. Not only does this holiday park feature a giant ferris wheel and an ice skating rink, it also has a full scale medieval kingdom made completely of ice, a Christmas market and two human-centric acrobatic circus performances. Thrill seekers are content with the roller coasters, fun houses and other adrenaline-inducing rides. Santa fans are likely to go nuts upon discovering the Santa Express train and Santa’s Grotto, where several elves and the jolly man himself reside.

With all of the excitement and magic that Winter Wonderland promises, the thing we are most interested in is learning about their efforts in sustainability. According to their website, Winter Wonderland has promised to recycle, to give back to the local community, to lessen their energy use, and to decrease waste as much as possible. Leftover cooking oil is turned into bio-fuel (our personal favorite form of recycling); partner companies are encouraged to use sustainable resources; visitors are asked to utilize public transportation; local organizations are included in decision-making processes and community members are sought after to fill positions; and resources are used as frugally as possible. What else could we ask for in a popular hot spot?

Images courtesy of Pond 5.

December 23, 2014

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