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10 Ways to Add a Little Green to Your Memorial Day

While preparing for a fun-filled Memorial Day weekend ahead, consider adding a few activities that will green up the neighborhood and add a few more smiles to the community. Incorporating community engagement and earth-friendly activities into your holiday plans can be a great way to pay tribute to the men and women that have fought to preserve our land and way of life.


1. Drive Smart

According to AAA’s 2017 traffic report, 39.3 million Americans are expected to be traveling this Memorial Day weekend. With 89% of those travelers choosing to drive this year, the roads will be more crowded than they have been since 2005. If this scares you as much as it does us, plan on taking a bike trip or long backpacking weekend. If you are planning on joining the driving masses, consider these fuel-efficient options: Carpooling, fueling up with biodiesel or bioethanol, or using fuel efficient vehicles will help reduce carbon emissions and keep our country a little greener.











2. Cut out the Chemicals

If you plan to fire up the bbq, consider using clean-burning and sustainable fuel options like propane or hardwood lump charcoal from sustainable farms. Keep chemicals and toxins out of your food by using a chimney starter instead of lighter-fluid to get the coals going.










3. Think Local

Swing by your local farmer’s market for the freshest vegetables and meats to throw on the grill. Take a bucket or two to a nearby farm where you can pick your own fruits and vegetables for the weekend ahead. Pick up a few gardening tools on the way home and start your own vegetable garden.











4. Reduce Your Use

Save money, plastic and your health by filling reusable water bottles with filtered water instead of buying plastic water bottles. If you are traveling, carry a water canteen with a sterilization system like GRAYL or a First Need purifier. If you are throwing a party, offer filtered water via the tap instead of bottled water. Learn more about the impact of plastic water bottles at Travelers Against Plastic.










5. Stretch Your Legs

With the winter having finally relaxed its grip, it’s time to get out of the house and onto a trail or twisty road that your bike won’t be able to resist. Take this activity even further and ride or walk downtown to investigate the local Memorial Day activities.










6. Feel the Burn

If you are a runner, biker or all around athlete, there are dozens of activities to pay tribute on Memorial Day across the United States. Here are just a few marathons and bike races that will be taking place this weekend. 











7. Pay it Forward

Volunteer at a local farm, animal shelter, veterans’ facility, homeless shelter, or other local organization. Donating blood is also a great way to give back and it doesn’t take much time.











8. Do a Little Shopping

Put away the coats and get the closets ready for summer. If you are planning on bolstering the economy this weekend, plan on visiting local retailers instead of chain stores and arm yourself with a list of places that use sustainable manufacturing methods. One way to make sure your money is well spent is to shop a thrift store or a flea market. If thrift shopping isn’t your thing, you can find dozens of Memorial Day sales at other incredible companies like United By Blue (this company cleans a pound of trash from the ocean for every item bought), Bluffworks, PrAna, and People Tree.   













9. Add a Little Green

Plant a tree in honor of fallen soldiers.










10. Join the Celebration


Kick off your shoes and have a little fun with the rest of the community at local parades and festivals. These events are just a few of the amazing things taking place across the country this weekend.

Denver Day of Rock. A fun-filled and musical event for every member of the family.

Chicago’s Memorial Day Parade. If you are near Chicago this weekend, the Memorial Day Parade will be hard to miss.

Celebration at the Station. Leave it to Kansas City to throw the biggest Memorial Day party in the midwest. This good ol-fashioned celebration has spared no expense in showing how much our fallen soldiers have meant to Americans and our way of life.

Portland Rose Festival CityFair. Speaking from personal experience, Portland, Oregon is a great place to celebrate the Memorial Day holiday and this year they are sure to not to disappoint. Be sure to bring your celebration spirit with you as well as your appetite as you head downtown. 


May 26, 2017

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