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10 Activities that will Surprise and Delight Mom

Forget jewelry or flowers, it’s time to give mom an adventure that she will always remember. Here are 10 favorite activities from Visit.Org that we'd love to do with our mothers.

1. Learn how to turn trash into beautiful works of art in Paris, France 

This art workshop takes upcycling to a beautiful new level. Learn how to repurpose waste into something new, while promoting the importance of responsible waste management. Meet a local waste recovery artist and uncover the methods and techniques of this unique, environmentally friendly art form. Mom will learn creative skills like sewing, binding, and welding from expert instructors.

2. Henna art in Jodhpur, India 

Explore traditional Indian textiles and crafts and shop authentic, ethical fashion. Spend an afternoon learning about the various projects of Sambhali Trust, a grassroots women’s empowerment center in Jodhpur. Help provide the tools necessary for center graduates to start successful businesses. Learn about traditional Mehndi designs and receive a special henna painted just for you by local women impacted by the empowerment programs.​

3. Pastry baking class in Essaouria, Morocco

Learn how to bake traditional Moroccan desserts like baklava while supporting the economic empowerment of local Moroccan women. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site the Medina of Essaouira, an extraordinary fortified fishing village that has been preserved from the 18th century. Learn about traditional Moroccan desserts and cuisine while enjoying magnificent views of the ocean from a rooftop terrace.

4. Learn to make banana beer in Rwanda 

Discover the many ways Rwandans use the banana plant, while supporting cultural heritage preservation in Rwanda. Peel, crush and ferment banana leaves with Musanze women to make tasty banana beer. Visit a local village to see and sample honey from traditional Rwandan beehives made of banana leaves.​

5. Hiking the Inca trail in Bolivia 

Trek the rugged landscapes of this famous pre-Hispanic route and help preserve Bolivia's rich cultural heritage. Hike through the sparsely beautiful Crater of Maragua and spot dinosaur footprints in Niñu Mayu. Experience Bolivia's indigenous culture as you stay overnight in the Quechua village of Potolo.​

6. Dance Samba in Rio de Janeiro 

Visit a dance studio and help make lessons more accessible to lower income youth. Master each step of the samba to live music with an expert. Get a true and authentic taste of Rio’s vibrant history and nightlife.​

7. Bike around Angkor to discover ancient temples 

Enjoy a guided bike tour through breathtaking Angkor Archaeological Park, and help fund free English and computer lessons to young, underserved Cambodians. Visit 5 Angkor temples and cycle through quintessential Cambodian villages, gaining insight into daily life, past and present. Take in stunning views as you ride along the picturesque Angkor moat and atop the old city wall of Angkor Thom.​

8. Get dirty while learning about sustainable farming in Colombia 

Attend six fun-filled educational sessions, and help support environmental education in an agrarian community. Interact with piglets, calves, and other adorable farm animals. Learn how to harvest vegetables and tend your very own organic garden.​

9. Save sea turtles in Athens, Greece 

Experience beautiful Greek wildlife, and aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of sick and injured sea turtles. Tour a terrific rehabilitation center and get a close look at the services provided to Greece’s animals. Meet the people who dedicate their time to the turtles, while enjoying the opportunity to care for one of the animals yourself.​

10. Cook cultural cuisine with immigrants in New York City

You don’t have to take mom out of the country for an authentic travel experience. She can taste flavors from around the world in New York. Learn traditional recipes, and support cross-cultural learning and connection. Work with expert home cooks to prepare a delicious, authentic feast. Trade stories and share a laugh with your host and fellow students while enjoying a meal together.

This article was made in conjunction with Visit.Org. All photos are courtesy of, which offers 545 immersive and impactful travel experiences in 65 countries hosted by do-good organizations. They work with charitable partners to create unique experiences around the globe that promote causes such as sustainability, women's empowerment, human rights, animal welfare and heritage preservation. 100% of hosts revenue is invested back into the local community.

May 11, 2017

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