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Immersion Travel Magazine is a digital publication that showcases culturally sensitive and environmentally conscious travel destinations across the nation and the world. Escape to vivid landscapes. Explore welcoming and spirited communities. Taste exotic cuisine from colorful markets. Sample captivating music and art. Discover wildlife in thriving habitats. Learn what people around the world are doing to improve the travel experience for visitors, locals, and the environment. Immersion Travel delivers genuine and reliable content for travelers, who are curious about their world; aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty; enjoy putting their feet up once in a while; and are craving a new and honest look at travel. Experience the thrill of Immersion Travel, where every article, photograph, and video will keep you coming back for more.

Immersion Travel Magazine features national and international destinations managed by individuals who have three things in common: they work to conserve the natural environment around them; they care for the economic and cultural well-being of the local communities they are a part of; and they provide enjoyable and unforgettable experiences for travelers who think the same way they do.

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) celebrated one million travelers in 2012 and that number has continued to rise. “International tourist arrivals grew by 4% in 2012 to reach 1.035 billion [breaking the record of 996 million in 2011], according to the latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer. Emerging economies (+4.1%) regained the lead over advanced economies (+3.6%), with Asia and the Pacific showing the strongest results. Growth is expected to continue in 2013 only slightly below the 2012 level (+3% to +4%) and in line with UNWTO long term forecast.”

That’s one billion adventurous people who have the potential to cozy up in their favorite reading chairs and download the latest issue of Immersion Travel each month. However, our audience won’t settle for just any kind of vacation. Our readers enjoy a specific kind of travel: sustainable travel. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council’s annual report, the tourism industry is undergoing a revolution in sustainable practices. More and more hotels, attractions and entertainment facilities, as well as transport companies, are signing contracts stating that they will follow basic environmental conservation codes and take corporate responsibility for their actions. Many are overhauling their business models to incorporate social, cultural and environmental sustainability.

According to futurist Dr. Ian Yeoman, who has conducted extensive research on the future of global tourism, “Eco-tourism and issues of sustainability are gaining importance with consumers. Although the negative ecological impact of air travel is widely accepted, people’s desire to travel to remote areas to experience an unspoiled natural environment continues unabated. Tour operators are quickly beginning to understand the relationship the consumer has with the environment and are providing packages which meet those needs.” With over 79% of U.S. adults becoming increasingly aware of carbon footprint terminology and global warming and considering themselves environmentally-conscious, travelers are beginning to make more decisions based on sustainable criteria. Immersion Travel is dedicated to this growing number of travelers.

Immersion Travel is the only publication of its kind that features genuine sustainable destinations and tours that work to conserve the natural environment and local culture but its subject matter has continued to grow in popularity. Travel magazines such as National Geographic’s Traveler , Condé Nast Travel, and Outside Magazine have sprinkled features about environmentally and culturally savvy destinations, but there is only one magazine that focuses nearly all of its content on foreign culture and is therefore Immersion Travel’s closest competitor: Afar.

Afar is a bi-monthly print and digital magazine that features the social side of travel. According to their mission statement they are, “the leader in experiential travel, inspiring, guiding, and connecting travelers to have deeper, richer, and more personal experiences.” Afar has an audience of 1,000,000 as of May 2014 and its rate base is 200,000. Its readers are similar to Immersion Travel’s readers in that they are educated professionals, passionate and active travelers, and are engaged and responsive to the world around them. However, the median annual household income for Afar’s readers is over $115,000, where Immersion Travel’s households start at $80,000 per year. The featured trips in Afar are expensive, luxurious, and written for affluent audiences who make up 95 percent of their readership. Immersion Travel’s featured destinations have a variety of price ranges, levels of physical difficulty, attractive activities and ways to take part in conservation efforts. By offering itineraries that are attractive to a diverse audience, Immersion Travel will be a favorite magazine for anyone who has traveled or aspires to travel.

Afar’s website is crisp, clean and has plenty of information on vibrant locations that promise experiences of a lifetime for travelers. Immersion Travel recognizes the importance of minimalism in a website and keeps its pages clean and clutter-free; however, it also has enough material to keep visitors entertained for hours, from photo galleries, to videos, to entertaining blog posts from Immersion’s team members, to travel gear reviews, to detailed itineraries of the places the magazine has covered and tips for traveling. Immersion Travel also showcases three things that set it apart from other magazines: transparency, a strict code of ethics and genuine experience.

Afar is also expensive for a bi-monthly magazine: newsstand rates are $5.99 and yearly subscription rates are $25.00. Immersion Travel charges $1.99 for digital newsstand issues, $12 for yearly subscriptions and $22.00 for a two year subscription, which will include four specialty issues, a digital calendar app, and chances to compete in contests and win prizes throughout the year.

Immersion Travel’s readers own digital devices such as computers or tablet devices and enjoy a variety of informational platforms including videos, info-graphics, photographs, audio recordings, and written articles. According to Apple, 20 percent of tablet users aren’t reading print magazines as much as they used to and over 82.1 million people nationwide are predicted to have tablets by the year 2015. Immersion Travel’s issues will be available on all popular tablet devices that have the capacity to support interactive elements.

There are 83 million U.S. citizens and potential travel magazine enthusiasts who are between the ages of 25 and 60, are college educated, and live on a medium to high annual income. Using digital communication methods, social media, word of mouth, and multiple ways in which to view content, Immersion Travel will captivate the attention of these individuals. With the passion and dedication from its team members and avid readers, Immersion Travel will become a trusted source for unforgettable sustainable travel destinations.

At this moment, Immersion Travel has two team members: the Editor-in-Chief, Clare Hancock and the Creative Director, Chris Scotti. As the magazine gains momentum, more individuals will join the team. The following is a list of positions that will be filled after Immersion is safely off the ground.


Immersion Travel Magazine’s editor-in-chief is the visionary, the manager and the marketer. She works closely with other members of staff; assigns, organizes, and helps craft stories; plans the budget; works with in-house advertising as well as outside advertisers; and shapes the magazine’s content to suit its editorial philosophy. The editor-in-chief is also the publisher, making sure readers are pleased with the content, managing the funds and keeping track of any competition to stay ahead of the curve. The last word that will settle any discrepancies will come from the editor-in-chief and if anyone stumbles or makes an error, she will take the responsibility.

Creative Director

The creative director is the editor-in-chief’s right-hand position. He works with others on the team to maintain a unified tone and style throughout the magazine. He is the keeper of the magazine’s visual personality and manages all design, photography, video, and other visual messages for digital platforms. He also oversees the designing of the cover. His job will double as the production director; working with publishing venues such as Apple, Android, and Amazon to increase efficiency and guarantee that issues are updated on time.

A website editor will be hired as soon as possible, but until then, the creative director will manage the design and visual content while the editor-in-chief will manage the written content for the website.

Website Manager

Immersion Travel’s website manager will be in charge of curating content, keeping track of analytics and unique pageviews, and managing social media connections. They will be responsible for developing the site’s strategy, traffic growth and brand awareness. They will work with the marketing director and advertising director for appropriate design and brand management. Online content should be engaging, relevant, interactive, and up to date. Managing social media and public relations is another aspect of this job. Social media content should inspire followers to get involved with promotions, activities, events, and the magazine’s content. The website manager will need to juggle these elements until more staff members can be hired.


The videographer creates video and visual content for the magazine and the magazine’s digital extensions. They will accompany writers and photographers on travel trips to main feature destinations and compose short, succinct multimedia clips. They will also direct behind-the-scenes footage, travel bloopers, promotional videos, and more. They will aid in editing all visual content as well.

Advertising Director

The advertising director is responsible for generating and maintaining relationships with advertisers both for the website and magazine issues. They research and analyze data on potential and existing audiences, create ad-sales support material, develop ad rates, oversee all ad sales, finalize contracts, and schedule ad placement. Each issue will have places for customized ads from businesses located in the featured region. The advertising director will contact sustainable businesses that complement the featured destinations. A strict advertising policy will be used as a guide for conducting business.

Multi-media Journalists (writers and photographers)

The backbone of the magazine is its writers, photographers and content providers. These individuals will travel the world in search of sustainable travel destinations, anonymously investigating lodges, tours, and similar businesses and composing reviews of the most exciting places. They will also test and review products from sustainable businesses such as Patagonia. They will provide online content for the website and publish blog posts on our magazine’s blog sharing their experiences with readers. They will help edit content and will work together to make each article the best it can be.


As the magazine grows, a designer will be needed to craft each issue’s layout as well as other digital outlets. This team member will focus on designing the magazine for several tablet platforms. He or she will also keep the website design fresh and vibrant and in keeping with the magazine’s mission and identity. Another element of design will revolve around advertisements. The designer will create in-house and out-of-house ads. With the advertisement director’s leadership, the designer will compose campaigns to increase readership and ad revenue.

Travel Coordinator/ Office Manager

The individual who takes on the task of coordinating travel operations and managing the office will be a hero among the team. This individual will be responsible for not only payroll and office supply inventory but also travel plans for the team. The travel coordinator will book trips for magazine staff, find good deals and sustainable travel options to keep the magazine’s carbon footprint as small as possible, put together itineraries and budgets for editorial teams, order currency, compose lists of items that the team will need to bring, arrange immunization shots, and help take care of anything that may come up while traveling.

Companies that advertise with Immersion Travel are environmentally conscious, socially just, ethically and morally sound in their business transactions, and are sensitive to the conservation of indigenous cultures. Companies that prioritize the well-being of their employees and do what they can to protect the environment and the lives of others will be welcome to purchase space on Immersion Travel’s pages.

All of Immersion Travel’s content is authentic, including the advertisements. Viewers must not be misled or misinformed by the advertisements on our pages. All sentient beings, including animals and insects, will be represented sensitively and authentically in advertisements. If animals are featured in advertisements, they will represent the conservation efforts of their species and nothing else. Our publication will not perpetuate misguided understandings of the plights of indigenous peoples, animals, small communities, the environment, or others.

Contracts will allow Immersion designers to work with advertisers to create ads that complement layout and current materials. Written contracts also state that any solicitation of bribes from advertisers to produce positive reviews or promotional articles against the better judgement of Immersion Travel’s team will result in termination of the contract and the business relationship between Immersion and the advertiser. All gifts from advertisers will either be sent back or given away to readers. This will ensure an honest relationship between the publication and the advertisers.

Once Immersion has reached 100,000 subscribers, any financial gain made from advertisers will be profit and won’t be needed to run the publication. This will put Immersion in a much more comfortable position to terminate contracts with any advertiser that tries to force its agenda. Of course, we hope this course of action will never need to be taken and we want our readers to be informed of as many travel resources as possible.