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Who am I partnering with?

Immersion Travel Magazine is a digital travel publication startup that focuses on destinations that offer sustainable options for the modern traveler, who cares about the environmental, cultural and economic impact of their journey. It is also a media rich and interactive publication well suited to jet-setters and armchair adventurers alike. Packed to the brim with great content and served on an interactive, dynamic, digital platform, Immersion Travel Magazine is everything your travel magazine should be.

What is the Industry Partner Program?

Immersion Travel Magazine LLC aims to connect ITM members with high-quality, useful products and services curated by our staff. Our industry partners are companies and nonprofits that take advantage of this goal by giving our members special product/service offers, participating in online seminars and generally improving the value of being an ITM member. In return, companies are given access to a highly targeted market group, significant discounts on traditional advertising on the ITM website and in the monthly issues, and support in cooperative social media and traditional marketing campaigns.

Why members and not subscribers?

Being an ITM member means more than just receiving 12 issues of Immersion Travel Magazine. For starters, membership is based on a length of time, not number of issues; and members receive access to all issues of Immersion Travel Magazine during their membership. Members also receive other benefits like offers from our current industry partners, travel advice from our staff, a plethora of online seminars hosted by experts around the world and the chance to win various raffles throughout the year. Membership also supports various NGOs since a percentage of every membership purchase is donated to one of our non-profit industry partners.

What does the program cost?

The program is free to participate in, but if you would like to support Immersion Travel Magazine’s launch, we offer corporate memberships and pre-paid advertising packages that will run once magazine production is in full swing.

What am I required to do as an industry partner?

Minimum Requirements:

  1. A one year commitment to provide a special offer, discount code or product giveaway for our members.

    • This offer can change 4 times throughout the year as long as there is an active offer all year.

    • This offer must be approved by ITM staff and must go above and beyond standard coupons and publicly available discounts.

    • This offer must be advertised in both Immersion Travel Magazine’s and the partner’s social media stream.

  2. A web-ready logo for display on the ITM website and members page.

  3. A product or service that is relevant to ITM readers and fits within the ethics and mission of Immersion Travel Magazine LLC. (All special offers must apply to these products and services.)

If these minimum requirements are met Immersion Travel Magazine LLC will support its partners by putting their logo up on our membership webpage and Industry Partner Program webpage, giving substantial discounts on advertising in the magazine issues or on the website, and supporting relevant social media campaigns.

This is our vision for the partnership on a very basic level and we hope to continue to foster partnerships and arrangements that are customized for the advantage of both parties. Some potential ideas for furthering a partnership include;

  1. Having industry partners participate in web seminars and tutorial videos made available to our members

  2. Support at industry trade shows like NY Trav Fest

  3. Special giveaways and raffles for members that promote product releases or company events

  4. Jointly hosted events and in-person workshops

These are only a few examples and the team at Immersion Travel Magazine LLC are always willing to consider new ideas and opportunities that will benefit both parties.

Our industry partners:

Bluffworks makes technical travel apparel that is designed to survive your journey while looking great. All of our clothes are lightweight, quick drying, and wrinkle resistant with hidden travel security features built-in. We enable adventurers to be equally comfortable in a modern city as on the trail, so you can focus on the road ahead.
Purify water. Anywhere. GRAYL's Ultralight Purifier is world's most advanced purifier [+filter] bottle. With a 10-year warranty, it's designed for global travel, outdoor adventure and emergency preparedness. Just fill, press, drink. 
LocalAventura is a platform where adventurous travelers can book authentic tours with passionate local guides throughout Latin America. We are a community of passionate travelers and guides seeking to facilitate authentic exploration of the local cultures in Latin America.
PINC is a female-focused fun educational experience abroad that offers internship and immersion programs in Spain. PINC is for young women 18+ who want to travel abroad, practice Spanish, build professional skills and experience Spain like a local. This unique program will leave you inspired, empowered and excited to show off their improved resume. is an online plaftorm for tours & activities hosted by nonprofit and community-based organizations around the globe.

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